Look and feel

In a way, The Genius of Design is a companion piece to Objectified — one focuses on aesthetic, the other emphasizes utility. Both are worth watching.

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Look and feel

In a way, The Genius of Design is a companion piece to Objectified — one focuses on aesthetic, the other emphasizes utility. Both are worth watching.

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It Just Got A LOT Easier to Get Shown at the Gugg

Back in the day, artists were anti-social (i.e. Matt Saracen’s mentor in this season’s Friday Night Lights). Then along came Saatchi. Now we have Work of Art. And that, friends, is the either the decline or the rebirth of contemporary art in a nutshell (depends on who you talk to).

With YouTube Play: A Biennial of Creative Video, Guggenheim is betting on the latter. And best believe that with the reputations of curators like Nancy Spector on the line, the stakes are high. Will crowdsourcing be kinder to the Gugg than Vegas was? We’ll find out on 10/2. Save the date.

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Do You Like It IRL?

Some people are sooo infatuated with Facebook that they fantasize about being able to physically “Like” things (and no, stickers don’t satisfy them). The fine fellows at Nation have invented the Facebook Like Button Stamp to help them realize this dream.

Much like the Tauntaun Sleeping Bag or Lard Lad on a rampage, the Facebook Like Button Stamp is only as real as you make it. Which is all well and good, but honestly: what’s it gonna take to get an AR Like Button app for the iPhone around here? (via PSFK)

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Flickr and Facebook Start Playing Nice Together

What is it about this time of year that makes Flickr want to be more social? In June of ‘09, the photo sharing platform launched its Flickr2Twitter integration. And now, at long last, Flickr is using Yahoo! Updates to cozy up with Facebook (no union yet — maybe they want to see what living together is like first).

Of course, moving in raises issues on both sides of the relationship. For Flickr’s older demo, Implementation is simple enough (you can find out more about it here and connect accounts here), but what about the whole privacy thing? Facebook users, on the other hand, may chafe at the fact that photo tagging isn’t integrated across platforms yet.

So, will the Flickr-Facebook hookup last? We’ll just have to wait and see. As with any decent relationship, it’s all about compromise.

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THIS JUST IN: technology is, in all likelihood, changing our brains. The good news is we may be getting smarter. And the bad? We could be losing our ability to focus. So there’s that.

So which futuristic Pixar characters are we destined to evolve into: Captain McCrea or Doug? Time will tell. All I know is I scored much higher than I thought I would on the this test, which I’m guessing means my personal ability to concentrate is SQUIRREL!

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Just another day in the 'fro

Let me get this straight: driving a Fiat Palio Groove is like riding atop a big, funky black man on roller skates? Must be eye-opening for those two white kids behind…

Down to the Wire

In the wide, wide world of social marketing, timing is everything. Take the Hardchorus Song Contest, for example. This Puma Football competition launched in February and comes to a close tomorrow. It’s had moderate success in a field crowded with innovative soccer campaigns.

But augment Puma’s concept with Google Moderator (which launched yesterday) and you’ve got a whole different ballgame. Maybe instead of a wall filled with knee-jerk comments, you’ve got Terry Wogan sparking a thoughtful yet wildly passionate debate among hardcore football aficionados.

Not likely. Still, as one engagement ends and another begins, you get the feeling that a big opportunity may have been missed along the way. Welcome to our world.

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They finally drove some hoser's car off a cliff

Forgot all about this AutoTrader campaign ‘til @epicallyharshed and @jayemsee reminded me. Cheers, fellas.

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