"The reiterative prefix before the verb ‘read’ may be a small hypocrisy on the part of people ashamed to admit they have not read a famous book. To reassure them, we need only observe that, however vast any person’s basic reading may be, there still remain an enormous number of fundamental works that he has not read."

Italo Calvino

orson welles really knows how to warm up an audience.

Always avoid reading the fine print

"Fine print opens up a space for fictions without which a society dependent on continued consumption probably could not survive." -@kbreathnach



Check out artist Lisa Cogdon’s new project The Reconstructionists.

eminently follow-worthy.

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Songs learned from others


Much like human infants, songbirds learn to communicate by imitating other members of their species. In a way, the songs these birds learn to sing are positive externalities. Imagine if their predecessors expected royalties….

Poems for Her


You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.

-Mary Oliver

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Arm yourself with books

Yesterday Tim Kreider beautifully summed up what Ray Bradbury taught us all about surviving the dystopian future he was prescient enough to foresee

Arm yourself with books. Assassinate your television. Go for walks, and talk with your neighbors. Cherish beauty; defend it with your life.

While being an avid Bradbury reader didn’t make it any easier to figure out Fahrenheit 451 back in the day (seriously, that shit was hard), his books helped me understand human nature. I’ll always be grateful for that. Rest in peace, Ray.

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Cured by the theraputic power of blending

No, this story isn’t about coping with a mid-life crisis — it’s about savoring the daily grind. It’s also an intoxicating blend of art and copy. All of which makes for a peculiar tale that celebrates the creativity of one of the finest design shops in the land. So happy fortieth, Pentagram. Here’s to many more. *clink*

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All we want is the chaos and the fun

Stan from Mad Men was right: there’s always a million bands who sound like that. Hence DDB London, as if inspired by Lady Lazarus herself, goes elsewhere to score Beach House-y music for its VW Polo “Dad” ad when they can’t get the real thing. Ah, the adolescent joy of this industry.

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